Photo Tips


Photographing pets outdoors.
Photographing pets outdoors? This can be easier than trying to snap candid shots of your pets indoors as you don’t have to keep them in one place. Indeed, you can make the most of the extra space and let your furry loved ones run around. A bright sunny day is good for shooting with a fast shutter speed but beware of deep shadows that might be unhelpful especially if your pet is dark coloured.
Dogs, if you call them, will run towards you with wagging tails and flapping tongues. Grab this shot with a telephoto zoom and a fast shutter speed. Cats will happily play close to you so a wider-angled lens is needed. Both breeds will have a favourite toy that you or a helper can throw or use to get their attention.
For rabbits, give them something to eat. Unlike dogs and cats, they will look up while chewing rather than burying their faces in their dinner. Get down to their level by lying on the ground. A yoga or exercise mat will protect your clothes and elbows.