Photo Tips


Photographing dogs and cats indoors.
Photographing dogs and cats indoors? For cats and small dogs, find a plain coloured throw of a contrasting colour to your pet, and drape it over the back and seat of the sofa. For larger dogs, a sheet or a throw should be hung on the wall, taller than the dog but with enough material on the floor for the dog to sit/lie on. You will want to show the contours and shape of the animal and this can only be done with the right lighting. Furry creatures, especially dark coloured ones must be lit from the side to catch some detail in the fur. If you don’t have studio lighting you can get by with a wireless controlled flashgun on a stand or tabletop. The flash on camera is just to fill-in the shadows so make sure the wireless flash is putting out more light. The next step will require patience and all your know-how about the animal to get it to sit in place and look at the camera!