Photographing head shots? Sit the subject beside a window so that the light falls on them from the side. Stand, or get someone to hold, a white or silver reflector at a 45 degree angle on the opposite side to lighten the shadows. A sheet of white A3 cardboard or even a newspaper will make a decent reflector. Alternatively, place an A3 board covered in crumpled kitchen foil on a table in front of them and tilt upwards until the light puts a “catch light” in the subject’s eyes. This will also minimise wrinkles! Set your camera zoom to around 85mm. That will give you a tight head and shoulders crop while standing further away from your subject, making them more at ease. Set your camera to portrait mode which will give you a wide lens aperture, throwing the background out of focus. To combat camera shake, your shutter speed should be 1/90 second or faster.
Photo Tips